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What is Trishulam?

It is a Smart Phone App which takes has below deliverables

  •  Assurance that People are around you virtually & they can assist you if you need anything in an emergent situation or some kind of miss happening or you are stuck in some problems.
  •  Provide Aid in case you are in need
  •  Track you location if you want assistance or any emergency
  •  Assist Police and other departments in case of any accident and help in investigation
  •  Gives you a Confidence that you as an individual is not alone to face a problem, A sense of Involvement that we are with you
  •  A virtual Guard to keep watch 24X7 on you safety & security\
  •  A reliable source to track the information of your well-wishers if you are unable to contact them


Trishulam Mobile App Poster

Trishulam Mobile App